Business could be the most
powerful force for good
in society. Here's how.

Business could be the most powerful force for good in society. Here's how.

Our Story
Everything we consider valuable in life and business begins and ends with people. Bob Chapman, Chairman & CEO
Caring workplaces, inspired team members.

We’re proud that the industrial equipment and engineering solutions we provide help bring many of life’s daily necessities - toilet tissue and wet wipes, corrugated boxes, cans of soft drinks, bags of dog food, containers of yogurt, pharmaceuticals, envelopes and more - to people across the globe. But that’s just what we do.

What truly defines us as a business is how we do it, and that’s by fostering a caring, trusting, nurturing organizational culture through which people feel safe to express their ideas and share their gifts and talents. We understand that most fundamental of human needs: to know that who we are and what we do matter. Through our business, we have the unique opportunity to let our team members know that they do. And when they feel valued and cared for at work, they return home and enjoy better relationships with their loved ones, friends, neighbors and others.

United across the globe by a unique measure of success.
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Team Members
Team Members
In 1885, when Thomas Barry of St. Louis, MO (USA) joined forces with his brother-in-law Alfred Wehmiller to provide equipment for the brewing industry, little did they know the legacy they had launched. Barry-Wehmiller Company existed in relative obscurity for almost a century until the mid-1970s when a young but enterprising CEO Bob Chapman took over the reins upon his father’s death and began building the sleepy little regional manufacturer into a $3+ billion global firm made of more than 120+ acquisitions, serving dozens of industries, in more than 100 countries around the world. In the early 90s, Chapman spearheaded the transformation of his traditional management style and Barry-Wehmiller’s culture into the Truly Human Leadership culture that exists now.

Today, led by Chapman and an experienced executive leadership team, our 12,000+ team members are united around the world by our company values statement, the Guiding Principles of Leadership, which shares our unique measure of success: by the way we touch the lives of others.



Building a Better World
Using the power of business to build a better world.

Someone once told us we’d be selfish if we didn’t share outside our walls what we’ve learned about inspirational leadership and building great culture. So, we got busy doing just that. In addition to sharing our ideas on our blog, in our book, Everybody Matters, and through speaking engagements, we provide leadership training through our consulting firm and our trademark listening and communications skills training through a non-profit organization.